Christine Wells

Book Club Discussion Questions

Do you think any female character in the novel has found the secret to a happy life by the end of the book? With which character did you identify most strongly?

The action for criminal conversation still exists in some states in the U.S.A. and is available to both husbands and wives. Do you think the action should be revived in your jurisdiction? What criteria would you use to judge the monetary value of a spouse?

We see hints that Margaret has become ruthless by necessity—or at least, that is how she sees it. Do you think she was at all justified in using fair means or foul to achieve her ends? Why or why not? Was Margaret sufficiently punished for her scheming?

If you were Delany, would you have married Richard Nash, run away with Julian Nash, or struck out on your own as a novelist?

Why do you think Delany overlooks Margaret’s lies in court?

Do you think women of today still deal with some or all of the issues the women of Delany’s era experienced?

What do you think of Liz’s relationship with Nick? Did you think Nick, Theo and Liz came to a good compromise at the end of the book?

Do you think Liz made the right choice, going back to Seagrove at the end?