The Wife's Tale by Christine Wells

About Christine

Christine WellsChristine Wells is a former corporate lawyer who exchanged contracts and prospectuses for a different kind of fiction.

Undergoing life-saving brain surgery as a 2 year old made her want to be a brain surgeon when she grew up. However, a love of the humanities, particularly English history and literature, not to mention the fact she wasn’t great with blood, made her revise that plan.

Christine had always been interested in the law and after winning a half-scholarship to Bond University in a high school moot competition, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a solicitor. Having completed her Bachelor’s degree, Christine worked for city law firms advising on capital raising and mergers and acquisitions.

While still working as a lawyer, she started her first novel, a historical murder mystery which is now (thankfully) lost in the bowels of a defunct hard drive. Eventually, Christine set her sights on publication in the United States, where it seemed British-set historical romance was highly popular. A keen devotee of Georgette Heyer novels, Christine decided to give these a try.

Ten years later, she is an award-winning author with ten novels published by major New York publishers, St. Martin’s Press and Penguin. These novels have been translated (variously) into German, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

Now, a change in direction sees Christine combining her abiding interest in the law and her passion for English history in her novels, THE WIFE’S TALE and THE TRAITOR’S GIRL.