Christine Wells

I’m thrilled to announce that my next historical novel, THE JULIET CODE, will be released in May next year:

In 1947 London, former spy, Juliet Barnard, lives with a terrible secret. After months of working as a wireless operator and evading Nazi patrols in occupied France, she was captured and taken to a luxurious mansion in the heart of Paris to be interrogated by Nazi Commandant, Hans Strasser. After months of incarceration, Juliet escaped en route to a concentration camp and found sanctuary with invading American troops.

Despite her refusal to discuss both her war work and her ordeal as a prisoner, after the war, Juliet is hailed as a heroine. But when an SAS paratrooper demands her help hunting down Strasser to bring him to justice for war crimes, she is torn. Is this a chance at redemption, or will Strasser finish the job he started and destroy her?

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