The Wife's Tale by Christine Wells

ChvZBusUgAETMUTI love meeting and chatting with other book lovers. When the opportunity to do a signing event with the wonderful people at Dymocks Brisbane City store came up, I was thrilled.

My job as a lawyer was in the Brisbane CBD and many is the time I would race up from Waterfront Place to Dymocks during my lunch hour to browse the bookshelves and snaffle a few new worlds to dive into. (My requirement when buying a work handbag was that it should always be big enough to hold a novel I could read on the bus. To this day, I become anxious if I’m without a book, whether it’s on my iPod, Kindle, or on paper.) Yesterday, it seemed slightly unbelievable that I would now be signing my own novels in that same store.

A few lawyers from around town visited, one of whom envied my escape from the law, while I envied her for her pay cheque! Not that I would change a thing about my life at the moment, but I so enjoyed my years as a solicitor, it is with a rather rose-tinted nostalgia that I reflect on them sometimes. I suppose now that I write about lawyers, I can relive it all from the comfort of my study at home, in my pyjamas, too if I like–and without pesky time sheets to fill out!

I was utterly delighted to meet some readers who had enjoyed my previous books and had come in to see me. They seemed like my kind of women!

On to more signings, today at Ipswich Angus & Robertson. Looking forward to a fun day up there.

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