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IMG_0247One of the many fascinating aspects of researching THE WIFE’S TALE was delving into English legal history. Nowhere–except perhaps in the courts themselves–does that history seem more alive than among the Inns of Court.

Technically, the term “Inns of Court” refers to the professional associations of barristers in England and Wales. To practise as a barrister, one must belong to … Read more »

The lovely people at Penguin Australia have donated 10 copies of THE WIFE’S TALE to give away on Goodreads. On this occasion, due to exorbitant postage costs, it will be for Australian readers only. Good luck, everyone!

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ashford_pbI love historical mysteries and dual timeline novels but I have never found it as easy to find them as it might be to locate, say, different kinds of genre fiction. So I thought I’d help others find the books that I love that are like THE WIFE’S TALE.

I’ve made a list of them on Goodreads, so please read … Read more »